1. LOOM dues 2018/2019 $55.00
2. Wave $20.00 application fee.
3. Free membership dues for signing 3 new male members. 
4. Six New Members Orientation on the odd months.
5. Membership Campaign challenge at Orientation. All sponsors names in a drawing Men one-year membership dues paid $55.00 or Ladies two years dues paid $60.00
6. Two weeks of Membership Retention Nov. and March 2019 $40.00 dues one year must pay at the Lodge. Only one per year per member. 
7. Membership 50/50 first Friday each month to offset cost.

Membership Chairman Mark Marshall Sr

Welcome to 2019. Check your mailbox for your New Member Orientation Invitation. This will be held Jan. 11th at 6pm.
 Starting Jan.1st we will have a Daily Membership Attendance Drawing!
 Here's how it works. Based on The Virginia Lottery Day Pick 3 members sign the daily book with your last numbers of your membership card 12 noon until 10 pm. Cost only $1.00 per member. The next 's drawing will determined the winner. The members last 3 numbers of there membership card must match in the exact order of the next day's Virginia Pick 3 number. You must pay to play, and you must come in the Social Quarters
No call ins If No Winner the Pot grows each day. If more than one member hits they will split the pot.
Membership Chairman
Mark Marshall Sr.